Smart parking
Smart Management.

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Myspot is a premier provider of smart parking and Parking management system. We strive to provide agility parking solutions that benefits our users technological and economically while enhancing the quality of lifestyle

Myspot is one such solution that we believe has the potential to revolutionise retail parking systems by offering the following benefits:

Number Plate Recognition

It gives our customers a contactless accesses to premises. You won’t have to touch a thing!

Reduce carbon emissions

Reduce vehicle idle emissions by speeding up the entry & exit flow by prebooked parking spot.

Reduce congestion

By allowing smoother traffic flow, roaming around looking for parking spot

Easy to use software

Our parking App software is user friendly and so easy to use!

System application location:

Airports| Shopping malls | Events | Restaurants | Casinos | Hospital | Office campus | commercial building


  • Access and Exit Control Systems
  • Automated Parking Systems
  • Car Park Management Systems
  • Contactless Access Systems
  • License Plate Recognition Systems
  • Reservation / Pre-Booking Systems
  • Wireless Information Systems

key features:

  1. Cloud Deployable
    remotely accessible
  2. Integrated
    single point of contact and interaction for multiple assets and integrated reporting across multiple devices
  3. Remote access
    Easy access through web or mobile devices
  4. Security
    IoT based access control
  5. Operational reporting
    View device real-time feeds and status on a single dashboard
  6. Advanced Decision Support
    big-data ready platform with two way AI & BI feed